I am working on managing the Sahifti website on my own and I pay subscription renewals for some add-ons, hosting, domain name and taxes. Unfortunately, all of this drains my available resources and time.

So I was hoping to get your help to support me in developing the site and providing a lot of features that will benefit everyone.

With your help, you will not help me alone, but will help many people. I provide a lot of free content, whether through the YouTube channel or through free courses on the site, or helping people solve their problems for free most of the time and a lot of that.

Therefore, you will become my partner in what I offer to everyone, and let you reach more than one person here on the site. Not only this, but when more than the site’s annual needs are available, we send the additional amount to a children’s hospital.

Your support is not for one individual, but it actually reaches many and continues in the future, and I hope God will continue to do so.

In the end, thank you for your time and support for the site, even if there is no money, but with a good word.

How do you send your support?

If you are from Egypt, you can transfer to the digital wallet directly on this number 01558205586 and please send a message on WhatsApp with the value of the amount with any sentence indicating that it is for support.

You can transfer money through PayPal, otherwise you can contact me to find a suitable method for you. Thank you again.